FindBella the search to get Bella home


FindBella is a must-read for all animal lovers. This is the story of the loss of Parisa Jenkins’ beloved companion dog Bella. The book takes us on the journey that Parisa, her family and friends took to try to find out what had happened to Bella when she disappeared out of the back garden of their home in Newquay. The summer of 2014 was spent in a desperate search for Bella. Parisa describes with inspiration the physical, spiritual and emotional discoveries that she experienced along the way.

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Amazon Reviews

“What an inspirational book. Parisa never gave up looking for Bella & was rewarded with a fabulous reunion. The book follows her journey & the highs & lows. A really great read.” Max Young, 28th September 2015

“An amazing true story of a lost dog and her owners emotional living hell during her plight to find her. I couldn’t put the book down until I had finished the last page, the author’s overwhelming pain of loss and anguish seeps through every page. The book also highlights the power of social media, how strangers will come together, it will restore your faith in humanity.” Julie White, 16th May 2015

“I don’t think anyone who has a dog in their life could read this little book without getting a lump in their throat. It was very uplifting to see how so many people came together through the internet and Facebook in particular to help find Bella.” Karen Proctor, 25th March 2015

“With a dog in the family I really felt for Parisa when I read this book. It’s a terrible thing when a much-loved pet dies but even worse when they go missing and you don’t know what has become of them. It was very heartening to read how strangers reached out and connected through Facebook to help Parisa find Bella and it was wonderful to have a happy ending.” ML. H, 16th March 2015

“A very honest, heartfelt read which i just couldn’t put down. Parisa Jenkins story isn’t just about the lengths she went to in order to find her beloved Bella. It delves into the subconscious, the spiritual and much more more. A must read for any animal lover.” Catherine Grummitton, 26 February 2015 

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