FindBella the search to get Bella homeTalking to Animals by Parisa Jenkins




FindBella is Parisa’s debut novel and is a must-read for all animal lovers. This is the story of the loss of Parisa’s beloved companion dog Bella. The book takes us on the journey that Parisa, her family and friends took to try to find out what had happened to Bella when she disappeared out of the back garden of their home in Newquay. The summer of 2014 was spent in a desperate search for Bella. Parisa describes with inspiration the physical spiritual and emotional discoveries that she experienced along the way. For further details about FindBella including the latest book reviews click here.

Talking to Animals


Talking to Animals is Parisa’s second book and it describes basic lessons in Animal Communication and healing and includes accounts of some of the work she has done in this field. This is an interesting and entertaining read for people who wish to learn about this fascinating subject. For further details about Talking to Animals including the latest book reviews click here.