Parisa Jenkins – author

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Author Biography

Parisa Jenkins is a self-published author of two books, her third will be published later in the year.  She is very passionate about animals and their welfare. Parisa lives in Newquay Cornwall with her amazing husband, wonderful children, two dogs (Bella and Lexi), two cats (Orlando and Phoenix ), and four horses (Buddy Love, Primo Diva, Kiltormer Corgan and Dandini).

Parisa Jenkins and her family

 Debut novel: FindBella

Parisa’s novel FindBella – the search to get Bella home is a heartfelt must-read book and has been well received on Amazon. FindBella is the true story of how her beloved family dog Bella went missing and was found 230 miles away!

Whilst searching for Bella, Parisa created a Facebook group which attracted over 2,000 followers. Upon finding Bella, her Facebook fans encouraged her to write about the spiritual journey she encountered during this time. The book has been very well received on Amazon.

Second book: Talking to AnimalsParisa Jenkins and her cat

Her second self-published book, Talking to Animals teaches you the fascinating subject of animal communication which she learnt when her beloved dog Bella went missing.

The Adventures of Fudge Jenkins

Parisa’s third book, The Adventures of Fudge Jenkins, will be published at the end of the year. The beautifully illustrated book will be about Parisa’s wonderful cat Fudge, who sadly passed away, aged 18. Fudge’s memory will live on in his book and it will detail his amazing, long, adventure-filled life.


Parisa enjoys writing her online journal (blog), in which she details personal stories of her beloved pets, amazing husband and wonderful children.