Lost in music

Lost in music

I LOVE music; I spend a great deal of time everyday “Lost in Music”. There are worst places to be.

Today, for example, I have had the current UK number one song Despacito in my head all day long. It’s an upbeat song and feel good so actually it’s been ok to be singing it in my mind all day.

I find it harder to be lost in music when I have a depressing song stuck in my mind. I can feel caught in a trap and down when that happens but the reality is that all it is doing is helping me fully understand my feelings at a moment in time.

Music affects and reflects my mood massively. It always has done and I have actually found it a good way to help me express how I feel.

The message for today through the song “Despacito” has been “slowly,” because, progress is always slow. Progress is continuous; that is a lesson that I am constantly told as, deep down, I consider I am one of the most impatient people on the planet.

Being lost in music helps me appreciate that my dreams are indeed possible. It also regularly reminds me that I am only human in dealing with the trials and tribulations of life. The messages that come through the medium of music to me are, always true to who I am, how I feel, and, where I am in life.

I will continue to embrace being ‘lost in music.’

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