Live forever

Live forever

I was naive; like many i suppose.

There were certain people in my life that i assumed would be around “forever” but, if I thought about it realistically, of course, nobody “lives forever” do they?

It is more than probable that those that were around before you were born are likely to depart this earth before you do. That’s a somewhat sobering thought; it’s unpleasant and puts a nasty taste in your mouth.

My Granma was one of those who I considered would always be around. She actually was the first to hold me when I was born.

No-one likes to think of our important loved ones leaving us but it’s an experience that many of us will go through. What comfort is there for that?

There is this.

In my opinion those who touch our soul never truly leave us. They may leave in the physical sense, which is dreadfully difficult to adjust to, but, they will always remain in our hearts and therefore they do, in a way, live forever.

It doesn’t necessarily help with the feeling of missing them everyday though, does it? X

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