There has always been, for me, a “flame” as far as my horse Corgan is concerned. He has spirit; that is an understatement.

“Hold, my, fire screaming inside.”

Over the four years of ownership I have had many tell me he was too much for me, even my own husband asked me, at one point, to consider selling him and get something less hot but that flame (in it’s modest form) is what makes us work.

I am slowly learning how the relationship should function and, although I have been encouraged by many to give up with him, I, actually, never will. He is, deep down, amazing and I am determined to let him demonstrate how great he is. There is a tremendous flame there and I want to show people how utterly fantastic he is.

We both have passion, we both have spirit, we both have aspiration and our flame, our moment, is within reaching distance.

I really feel that.

“Hold, my, flame and set alight.”

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