Find Me

Find Me

As many of you who follow me as an author know, music is a huge part of my life. Most of the hundreds of blogs I have written have either song titles or lyrics as their titles.

Music inspires me and helps me massively on a daily basis.

When my dog Bella went missing two years ago many inspiration current pop songs helped me through the experience and the same is true for the recent experience of losing and then finding our dear treasured cat, Fudge.

Starboy and The Greatest both inspired me to write about Fudge. Also, the song Find Me by Sigma was a song that I seemed to hear a lot when he was missing and, my God, I was trying so hard to find him.

Of course it was a miracle to find Bella after eight weeks of being missing a mere 230miles away from home but there has, of course ,been another miracle given to me; that of actually finding Fudge.

That song Find Me helped me whilst Fudge was missing. It kept telling me not to give up and gave me hope that I would one day find him. I just didn’t know when.

I am so grateful of the messages that are sent to me through music. I consider them magical, inspirational messages in times of need.

Music, for me, is really the soundtrack of my life and I’m blessed to have that, as well as many other wonderful things, in my life.

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