The search for Fudge has made him into a star. He already had a fan base because (those who know him will agree) he really is quite a remarkable cat and has an established reputation locally but, now he really is famous.

His picture has been everywhere social media, local press, shop windows, lampposts. So many joined in to try and reunite him with his family that love him more than words can say.

He’s been in our childrens’ lives for as long as they can remember and, of course, he’s been in my lovely husband’s life longer than I have. It was such a desperate thing to have him lost. I’m crying now, with happiness.

I can’t thank people enough for all the positivity, love, support and help that they have poured into the situation. All of the family have struggled the six weeks he has been missing – I actually blame the stress for having not been really well for a while but, surprisingly, I feel almost 100% better today.

I’m so grateful to be welcoming back our little star boy. The family hasn’t been the same without you Fudge.

Welcome home my beautiful friend. X

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