The Greatest

The Greatest

There is absolutely no question, as far as I am concerned, that Fudge is The Greatest Cat alive that I have ever known.

Arguably everyone considers their cat the greatest but, let me tell you the reasons why I consider Fudge Jenkins is worthy of such a title and then you can decide for yourself.

He loves a journey in the car, he loves to walk with the dogs on the beach, he loves a visit to the pub for some good old pub grub, he loves to accompany me at the horses, he loves to follow us into town, he loves to scavenge in the bins and bring back scraps for his two fellow housebound catty friends, he loves cuddles, he loves kisses, he loves to open the front door and let himself in and out, he loves to visit local shops, he loves to hang out with friends on The Killacourt, he loves to loiter on the taxi rank on Trebarwith Crescent.

This is just a small incite into the life of Fudge which is a constant and continuous adventure. He will continue to the be ‘The Greatest’ in my mind which is why I am not ready to give up and I won’t give up in my search for him. I got stamina.

Come home Fudge, I have a book to finish writing about your great adventures and I really don’t feel I can do it without you by my side encouraging me. X

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