Talk to the Animals

Talk to the Animals

I have realized today that some of the best conversations I have had in my life have been with animals.

That is surreal but true.

Examples, to name but a few, include the dog who showed me she was stuck in brambles, the cat who showed me she had drowned, the horse that showed me why she was so frightened of people, the dog who showed me the moment she had died.

I became conscious today of how much I do talk to animals somewhat more so than I do humans. Today I spoke to all 5 of my herd of horses (some more than others), both dogs, my pet pheasant and all 3 of my cats. They have all had some form of interaction although there were some harsh words towards naughty Phoenix (one of our cat babies) who has now decided having watched Fudge too many times open the door by himself it is a task that he needs to at least attempt.

Do you know what you get when you talk to the animals? You get the truth, feelings and true emotion. Love my work. X

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