Charlie Says

Charlie Says

I was contacted on 1st April about a lost cat called Charlie.

This was the initial connection I had with him:

“A strong connection I felt. No physical discomfort. He loves food and is a bit of an opportunist when it comes to food. He is playful and can be scatty when running but also, at other times, he can be very focused when he has something in his sights.

His character is cheeky, playful, intelligent, confident, enthusiastic and affectionate; bags of personality in fact. There can be claws when playing but not in a nasty way. He is just playful and gets carried away; he loves to play although sometimes it can take a little encouragement to get him to participate.

There was a bit of dominance when I mentioned other cats. He likes people and is sociable. He enjoys being stroked but if you catch him off guard with a stroke he can think you want to play. I felt warmth love, and affection when I mentioned you and saw him rolling around on his back playing and just being his cheeky self.’

His owner Vikki confirmed this was very much the Charlie she knew; the next part of my communication was trying to find out where he was.

“I feel very much that he is alive and I have told him several times to go home. I don’t think he is stuck anywhere. Sometimes all that is needed is for them to be told to return home – it’s worked a few times by me just saying ‘go home’ and reminding them that they are loved and missed. I need to connect again and I will do that tomorrow for you and try and ascertain surroundings. I don’t feel he is lost, more that he is adventuring. He feels fine to me, absolutely fine and I will be in touch with you again tomorrow afternoon when I connect again.”

This was my final communication relayed to Vikki as follows:

“It feels residential/commercial. There are big metal gates and I sense trees that have greenery. I feel a sense of exploring but there is an increased heart rate. He’s not with anyone I don’t think; independence, I feel independence. Have told him again to ‘go home.’”

Almost a month later I got this message from Vikki,

“Hi Parisa. Charlie has been living on an industrial estate a mile away. The owner of the tyre fitters that has been feeding him went to the Post Office for the first time in ages and saw the poster and called me.

He is home!

Thanks so much for your help and support. He was behind big metal gates, so you were right. Thanks for everything.”

Charlie says….the truth.

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